Echoing time

What should one do when time echoes back to you


During salty days when streetlight gave warmth of clearity

thinking back… to hours darkened from light afternoons that you couldn’t enjoy,

stress breaking through frosty broken pipes, lined with winter’s

birthday you know you won’t spend like memories but

holding on nor letting go makes you the culprit, oh

foolish me, take back the hints

and burn them into ashes for the ocean below,

because apologies for the late comprehension,

my thoughts are forever with you and my words

forever scattered across those aged days, mapped out

in puzzle pieces you will never endeavour to find

And me, mind entangled and lassoed with weltered sincerity of the carcass of a


It’s the other way. Backwards one may say


thinking back… to days before winter struck and,

we laughed as we raced each other across pedestrian crossings

only to walk the road together to make memories


why do they echo back-wards with time?

via Daily Prompt: Echo


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