Turning over a new, old leaf.

He sighed with a strained breath, read

through the letter again; surely his sincerity

should reflect undoubtedly now?

But the rubbed out pencil

marks had worn the paper and

stole the neatness of his carefully placed words.

Unsatisfied, he replaced the day’s paper with a blank

new sheet, and copied out his old words.


But when turning over a new leaf, he was blind

to the stain left behind of his unfading character – he missed

that the wearied paper, greyed with apology and crying

damp with pain, carried more depth


Than his clean words will ever show.


[poetry | 101 | rehab| papers]



6 thoughts on “Turning over a new, old leaf.

  1. A very poignant poem which ironically, as it is made up of words, reveals the importance of wordless communication. So much of the man’s emotional state is revealed by the tattered state of the original paper, he barely needs to add any actual words to convey his feelings. Yet when he copies out the letter onto clean paper its emotional power is gone.


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