We play our usual game again. At the airport.

“Would you rather have to say goodbye forever

To the best person you will ever meet,

Or never be able to say goodbye to

A thorn of a friend fixed to you?”


She laughs that I always ask the morbid questions,

“How about this: would you rather I be the first to walk away,

or you?”


“And you’re telling me that’s any better?”


“Of course!

When we walk away from each other,

we are still walking towards each other…

From another direction.”


Oh, she really is the best.

Day 10: Farewell

Since I’m curious share your answer to the first question on the comments below – only one answer is allowed at the end! Looking forward to hearing your views…

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22 thoughts on “Good-by

      • The perspective of walking toward each other by walking away was primary but I also enjoyed the best friend / thorn friend dichotomy. I enjoyed the conversation from the perspective of both parties. It was a fun game.

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      • See, it is a fun game. Well, I could look at it two ways of course. To say goodbye to the best friend forever, I would at least have the memories of the past. And I am a true believer that the past is always there. Then again, never saying goodbye to the thorn friend would provide the potential for developing a best friend kind of relationship with that person. So I think I would choose the thorn friend for the challenge. Wouldn’t that by default mean I could keep the best friend in my life, too? You have inspired me to play the “would you rather” game with my friends, too. It will be great for the upcoming holiday gathering.

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