I remember you clearly from

all those years ago.

Because of all the conversations we had,

although we weren’t even friends.

Well they weren’t actually conversations,

because it was just you talking, and not me.

It was just you ranting, about this trouble and that unfairness.

It was not even all about you but

you just managed to scream the world negative, and

everyday. And it twisted my otherwise happy journeys,

strangely. everyday.

And eventually I couldn’t stand it any longer and

we                                                                                                          never met again.


And after all these years,

I remember you clearly.

Although I didn’t even realise

all the conversations we had.

It wasn’t even all about us but

we just managed to graffiti the world in our clashing colours,

strangely. everyday.

And eventually our hands forgot to swap paint cans, and

we                                                                                                          never met again.


Now, when I walk on the streets,

I let my eyes linger around for a while,

but there’s no glimpse of you.


Because it is you.

And me. Us.

“This street is a canvas of its people and the people are a painting of this street.

Look carefully, everyone is holding a paint can.”

Day 8: Graffiti

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22 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. I agree great imagery! I like how you turned graffiti into a metaphor instead of going with the literal interpretation. I like the idea that you build on that leads up to the introduction of that metaphor, and how the meaning changes as the poem concludes. Those last two lines are really striking.

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  2. I also enjoyed your poem today. My favorite lines were “to scream the world” and “to graffiti the world”. The unusual placement draws attention to your content there. Very interesting poem. I cannot say I have ever had such a “relationship” but you did a marvelous job of describing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment! What you have mentioned was something I didn’t realise – that’s why feedback is so useful!
      And I also haven’t had a relationship like that either, so double-thank-you for that 😀

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  3. To scream the world negative… oh, I like that (!). And yes – it is that sometimes. I didn’t think about this aspect.
    (I actually see in my minds’ eye a girl choosing to walk to school a different route, not to see it anymore. Whether you meant that or not).

    And the conversation aspect… that I absolutely love. Isn’t a one-sided conversation what is happening to any one versus any work of art of any kind? (well, it would be pre-Internet, which might make it a two-way exchange…).

    Liked by 1 person

      • I was more thinking in writing 🙂 When you walk past a painting in a museumת or a graffiti, the art talks but the artist has the one and only say. They don’t know what anyone seeing their art wants to say back, if they do. On line, however, artists can discuss their work with those who see it on their web site. So it becomes a two-way conversation.
        Sorry, I just realized I flew off on my own thread of thought reading your poem… oops…

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      • Oh right, well I’m glad it stimulated a thread of thought 🙂
        And yes, I see what you mean – they don’t know of the interpretations and appreciation. I guess whether its online or not, different memories will be provoked for each person – in my opinion, whether or not that is communicated with the artist, there will always be a space left because the audience’s interpretation and memories cannot ever sync completely with the artist.

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  4. This one took me by surprise. It’s like you are describing my life, something that has actually happened and what I’m feeling through. It feels as if I’m speaking to the guy on the other side the exact emotions that you have portrayed out here. Thanks for wording it so beautifully. Feels like I can connect with someone, something.

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      • I’m the speaker in these lines that have so beautifully articulated my thoughts that I find so difficult to put in words.
        Even I hope things get better and time heals the wounds I have so created.
        Thanks for understanding

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      • I’m glad I was able to write it so it resonates well with you. And I don’t know of your story, but sometimes it’s the feelings you miss rather than the person – it helps to think that way. Just think about the lessons you learnt from it – it would be no longer something you have to regret so much.

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      • Thanks for putting it this way, though it’s difficult to get over things like that specially when you are the one who messed up with emotions.
        I don’t think I regret it more than I miss it. I’m glad you understand.

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