Sleeping where?

They told me that Dad has gone to sleep

forever, and they tucked him in a special box,

then hid him like treasure under the earth,

and cried while his soul went to heaven.

And when I asked if I can follow him there,

they said I was too young right now.

But I told them that’s not true.

Age is just a number. Young people can still go too.


Because I can die today and so can you.


Day 3: Sleep

Death can come to anyone at any second.

And we should think of it more often. When you die, you leave behind everything you ever owned: your family, your wealth, you career, your belongings. It’s just you and your deeds. And if you left behind good advice and goodness for others to enjoy, then that’s also what really counts.

Lead a fruitful life, while being mindful of death.



19 thoughts on “Sleeping where?

  1. I provide health care to the dying for a living and it’s really taught me a lot about death. It’s so incredibly easy to die and it can be so unexpected. And fast. I wish more people my age (25) really understood this. Great post πŸ™‚

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