Not-so-true reflections

A reflection of your picture-perfect self,

filtered through a Polaroid camera you can’t afford,

gains a hundred more admiring red hearts than you’ve ever felt

in your life. Instagram.

But you are too busy to pay attention. Because you’re

flying higher than the others,

and your ears are filled with the constant siren pings –

fellow birds echoing your melodic tweet

or flattering for your attention.

#Itsthemomentthatcounts. So you snap away,

to share the joy of the photograph-taking party,

that reflects your

picture-perfect life.

The stranger. that lives the digital you.

Day 2: Reflections



7 thoughts on “Not-so-true reflections

  1. That was wonderful. I loved how your speaker sees the self we show online as someone who is a stranger. It’s very true with all the photo filters etc. what is a true image of us in real life, on the outside, and on the inside. Great poem.

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