The word ‘magic’

The word magic was created by an old man,

And it meant mundanely ageing creation.

But he wanted the word to sound more fascinating.

Kid-enticing. And so the word lived to its effect…


The young ones yearned to grow up, and age.

But they when they did, they forgot the magic โ€“

That the little changes of everyday

Bring the magic in your life,

And the type of magicโ€ฆ

Depends on the witch or wizardย you are.

Day 1: Magic


10 thoughts on “The word ‘magic’

    • Thank you – glad you can relate!
      And about the name, now that you ask I had to think back for quite some time… I think it was when I thought back to taking with my youngest sister about how cool it looks when you write and the pencil leaves behind a trail…

      Liked by 1 person

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