Nonidentical lights

The old black lamp-posts’

lights were nothing

more special, lights sleeping

among the crowd of city bright.


But today, for the first time

I noticed

shining around their body, winter festivals’ merry colour,

entwined uniquely – their lights.

Outshining the beauty



And I wondered whether the lights

were always wrapped around them;

quiet and unnoticed.

Every light having its own brightness,

Warmed to our eyes in the coldest seasonal time.

They say that beauty

Lies in the eyes of the beholder.

I started writing this poem on the way home when I noticed the lampposts were now decorated with Christmas lights, and I realised how you don’t really notice them otherwise (especially in a city like London).

It’s similar to how sometimes it takes a certain situation to see someone’s unique charm that has always been with them, unnoticed.


Check out a similar poem I posted previously, about not worrying about feeling talentless: Talentless? Talent-more…

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