Letter to you

[Daily Prompt] I Can’t Stay Mad at You – Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

I swear,

I don’t why but I hate that makeup on your face!

I want to smother it all of clean,

because when it comes to you,

it just doesn’t let me see you when you talk.

I can see through the ghostly you,

past a you, peripheral…

I just can’t describe what it is.

Today I realised why:

That when you had a makeover,

It wasn’t just your face and clothes that changed,

You character too,

Our relationship too.

Which order, I still don’t know.

But one thing for sure,

If you ever come to me to reconcile,

wipe that makeup off before you come


3 thoughts on “Letter to you

  1. […] what happened between us, friend? how did we fall apart? when did the truth end, and the veiled lies begin? where is the girl who mistreated you, while I backed you up? why is she there beside you now replacing all our time? what happened between us, friend? how did our thoughts unsync? when did our silly jokes end, and the awkwardness begin? where from did your sickly faults come out like my blindfold has been removed? why have your words to me reversed now and triple folded for someone else? what happened between us, friend? how did everything change? when did the love end and my deep dislike begin? where are the confused and heated cries I didn’t get to say? why did you finally want to listen and talk when the reasons turned all wrong? who are you now, friend? you don’t look or sound the same. […]


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