She laughs at me

She throws back her head and laughs at me,
Says, “Wait, what did you say? That just sounds crazy!”
And I repeat what I said, despite by the behaviour unkind,
Because she’s the one with the flavourless mind.
She looks my way and laughs at me,
Says, “You’re setting yourself up for failure, don’t you see?”
And I explain how I’m not,
Wondering why she sees from only one spot.
Then she sighs and says she’ll fake agree,
To fulfill my silly wish.
And adds that I’ll give up, before I even try.
So I say goodbye and wonder why
This woman is the head of a place
Where they say they work to educate.


It’s okay to not be able to understand someone. But when someone doesn’t try to understand you from your first word, they’ve lost some of my respect.


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