Talentless? Talent-more…

Oh you makers, you bakers,
you creative writers.
No, not one of them?
Or without any known talent?

Yes, me too – and I tell you:
The greater talent that talent cannot find,
is when that beating morsel of flesh
that lies beneath
the layers of skin, flesh and bone,
can move more people than the lightning Bolt,
and flow more sincere ink than that nouvelle novel,
and is cleaner than the artist’s waiting canvas,
That’s the talent, of which talent counts.


A lot of us feel like we have no talents. It’s easy to feel that way – and I especially feel like that when someone asks me my hobbies. But for me, I only momentarily admire someone’s talent.

What sticks with me longer is when someone is genuinely caring and considerate, which unfortunately is so rare to find now.


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